The role of Italy in International organizations

The role of Italy in International organizations

IItaly is an important player of international organizations worldwide. It has been member – often a founding member – of all main such entities for decades, including various European institutions, UN agencies, and Multilateral Development Banks – MDBs, among others. 

Apart from longstanding membership, Italy’s commitment to international organizations is demonstrated by its generous contributions to their budget and activities, both financial and military, as well as by diplomatic initiatives it has championed throughout the years. While the role of Italy as a trusted member and donor of those organizations is generally recognized, opportunities may still exist for the country to leverage its contribution within each of them in order to further advance its national interests.



The role of Italy in international organizations
Author Dr. Carmine Soprano

Mr. Carmine Soprano is an economist, academic lecturer, and independent advisor with 12+ years of experience working in the international development industry within international financial institutions (IFIs), UN agencies, CSOs and the private sector.



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