The Italian language is the 4th most studied language in the world

The Italian language is the 4th most studied language in the world

According to the latest pre-pandemic research, the Italian language is the fourth most studied in the world.

The news is confirmed by Prof. Paolo E. Balboni, honorary professor and senior researcher at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and one of the leading experts in teaching the Italian language, through an article prepared for ItalyUntold, Think Thank that supports, defends and promotes the correct image of Italy abroad.

According to Prof. Balboni, who takes up the data processed by Ethnologue, a database widespread among language specialists in 115 countries, students learning Italian have increased so much that they now exceed in number those who choose to learn French. The study of Italian language ranks fourth only after English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. In 2019, before the pandemic that forced many students to give up classroom courses to avoid infections, the students who had opted for the Italian language were 2,145,093. A considerable number when compared to the fact that Italian is only the 21st spoken language in the world.

The effects? “The Belpaese can count on incredible intangible assets – explains Professor Balboni – those who study Italian buy the four F’s of Italian exports: Food, Fashion, Furniture, Ferrari. They come to Italy to study, they accept the presence of Italian companies and restaurants in their cities, they visit Italy on vacation».

The Italian lifestyle, from culinary habits, to clothing, to music, to art has influenced and continues to influence the way of life and thinking of millions of foreigners and testifies to the great interest in our country. This represents a huge source of the so-called ‘soft power’, the power of seduction that as a country we have through communication, image, culture.

“In the light of this fact so flattering and rather surprising – explains Francesco Briganti, president of ItalyUntold – as Italians we should have more confidence in ourselves and in our country. We trust that Italyuntold will contribute to this, spreading and telling such news about Italy, still so hidden from most. This contribution by Prof. Balboni, member of our scientific committee, is the first of many others that ItalyUntold will spread in the near future”.

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