Monia Sutera

Monia Sutera, born in Monterotondo (RM) on July 28, 1980, graduated with honors in Economics and she won a scholarship.

She then got a master’s degree on “Intermediaries, Issuers and Financial Markets” with full marks. Both qualifications were obtained at the Faculty of Economics of the Rome University “La Sapienza”.


In the past, she won a contest at the Italian Ministry of Economics and Financial affairs at the Department of the Treasury (Banking and Financial System – Legal Affairs), where she provided consultancy in relation to the analysis and study of the internal and community regulatory process concerning banking and financial legislation in the retail sector, the revision of the MiFID directive, financial inclusion.


She has also worked in the field of complementary pensions and obtained the title of Social Security and Welfare Trainer; since 2015 she has been a member of the Board of Directors of AICP (Italian Association of Social Security Culture).


She dealt with anti-money laundering and countering financial terrorism.


Now she is head of unit at a private healthcare fund supplementing the National Health Service. This role, combined with her past experience, allowed her acquiring full knowledge of institutional investors.


Monia strongly believes in initiatives aimed at raising knowledge and skills necessary to improve awareness in making choices consistent with their financial conditions and with the achievement of their goals. For this reason, she is passionate about financial education, personal growth, labor and financial market law. These passions have driven her to attend a high specialization course at Mefop -the Italian training company for private pensions’ staff- and towards further University specialization. 


Monia is in fact a cultist in financial market law and is co-author of various academic publications.

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