Luca Solari

Luca is full professor of Management, Chairman of Fondazione Unimi (start-up accelerator) and Director of the School of Journalism “Walter Tobagi” at the University of Milan, the second largest university in Italy.


Luca has lectured at various universities and business schools in France and in the USA while in Italy he was on the faculty of the two main MBA programs in English, Sda Bocconi’s and Mip’s. In 2015 he joined EY Med (formerly Ernst & Young) to start-up the Performance pillar within the PAS service line. In 2017 he left to found OrgTech, a novel concept of consulting boutique based on innovation.


Luca is considered a key influencer and thinker in the contemporary conversation on organizational change and transformation and has extensive experience supporting corporations, start-ups and SMEs.


In August 2019 he was named on the Top 20 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Future of Work by Thinkers360 in the USA.

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Mission & Identity

ItalyUntold is a Think Tank aiming at revealing the unknown the excellences, innovation and primacies of Italy to both the international community and the Italians themselves, in order to enhance the country’s economic, cultural and social system.

Italyuntold | Italy Beyond Perceptions

Scientific Committee

We are a group of experts in communication and international relations who have been interacting with institutions, the business world and stakeholders for decades.

Italyuntold | Italy Beyond Perceptions


Members are the beating heart of the Think Tank, passionate about our Country, they share the will to tell a controversial story, those of an Italy of primates and excellence unknown to most.