Letter from the President

Italyuntold | Italy Beyond Perceptions

Dear Reader,

ItalyUntold – Italy beyond perception, is a newly born Think Tank, set up by an initiative of two professionals in political communication who have been working with many Italian and foreign Governmental institutions as well as lobbying groups in many different sectors, for over 15 years.

Based on these experiences, we have observed a wide – and sometimes shocking – misinformation about Italy, not only coming from the foreign public opinion but also from the Italian one which often is unaware of key information about its own country; a negative perception based on bias, old cliche’ or simple ignorance that Italy frankly does not deserve.

Without negating Italy’s problems, this Think Tank intends to explain this country with data, facts, testimonies and interviews, to demonstrate a very different reality which is often much better if not opposite to what is normally perceived – ‘beyond perception indeed. We will outline another Italy, this time properly told, that’s why the name ‘ItalyUntold’.

In particular, we have two key goals. The first one is to explain to foreign people that Italy deserves more respect than what it normally gets; that, in many sectors, Italy is ahead of many countries, probably far beyond what they can imagine. Indeed, our Think Tank is based in Brussels, at the heart of Europe. Its name is in English and all the materials will be produced also in English.

We will not hesitate to publicly fight specific articles or publications criticising our country, if the information is not factually correct. Our rebuttals, disseminated through letters, press releases, and via social media, will be always based on facts from authoritative sources.

The second objective, aimed at an Italian audience, is about giving trust and hope back to a population that is probably living through the worst post-war crisis. we want to re-build trust in the incredible potential of their country and full awareness of how much Italy has contributed and keeps on contributing to the world; trust in its excellences and records over many other countries. In fact, we are convinced that the primary condition to assert yourself is to believe in yourself, like many other countries do.

Italyuntold | Italy Beyond Perceptions

Beyond developing the above-mentioned studies, the activities of ItalyUntold will also consist in conferences, seminars and public events in Italy and especially abroad. These initiatives, we hope, will also contribute to develop a network among Italian people abroad, who are often very successful professionals.

Finally, we are keen to point out that this Think Tank does not have any intention to criticise other countries. We simply want to dissipate misperception and establish the clarity that has been missing for so long and that has damaged so highly the reputation of our country around the world.

In other words, ItalyUntold was not born ‘against’ something and surely will not paint a better Italy than what it really is. Just the real Italy, which is often better than its reputation. This is an important caveat to us, as we may report comparative data and show Italy in better positions than expected, against countries often considered more performing than us.

Francesco Briganti

President of ItalyUntold

Italyuntold | Italy Beyond Perceptions


We are a group of experts in communication and international relations who have been interacting with institutions, the business world and stakeholders for decades.

Italyuntold | Italy Beyond Perceptions

Scientific Committee

Gruppi di esperti, organizzati per tematiche, studiano e raccontano primati ed eccellenze del sistema Italia.

Italyuntold | Italy Beyond Perceptions


Members are the beating heart of the Think Tank, passionate about our Country, they share the will to tell a controversial story, those of an Italy of primates and excellence unknown to most.